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Haiku 2

windswept April sky

blue sky peek-a-boo’s through clouds

purple crocus smiles


Hmmm…Haiku 1

I’m going to try something different…something to keep me writing, at least, until I can get back in the mindset to be working on my dragon tail. Er..tale. 😀

I’ve decided, come hell or highwater, to write a haiku a day. At the very least, it’s diligence training, right?

I’ve already posted this on a friends facebook page a bit ago, so I’ll just use that one for today…

Spring Garden in the Sun

Garden rocks appear,

presagers of warming earth;

Tuesday it may snow.

Zipping to the End

What a year it has been…ups and downs, fun and sadness, changes, changes and more changes. Likely just like every year that has gone before but…for whatever reason, this one seems to have flown past. Wasn’t it just summer? Wasn’t I just building a new garden? Weren’t we tearing down the old deck and contemplating putting in a patio in its place?

Hardly a blip of time since I stopped working at a Saturday job that was all-consuming of my day, leaving me little or no family time, and crafting a new career that I love. I’ve added two more clients to my list since then, and am happy with the finances and the balance of work-to-family time.

And suddenly the trees were blazing full of colors, falling in whirling showers of beauty. And we raked. And raked. And then it snowed. And here we are at the end of a year full of living.

Suddenly the kids aren’t so “little” as I used to call them. Strong and independent and smart and wise. Funny and rude and generous, sweet and mostly out of the weepy-craving-all-attention stage. They’ll get back to that–teen years loom in the not far distant future, but that’ s not anything I need to fret about today!

As I write this, the wind is blowing strong from the south, and the snow that has come and gone several times since that first magical falling is threatening to melt away. Winter has only just begun, really, but the seed catalogs have begun to come in the mail, and I’ll dream about the gardens to come when the wheel turns again.

Ever After

No one promised that “happily” would be all the time.

No one promised that there wouldn’t be down with the up.

No one promised that there wouldn’t be swear words and mistakes…

They are all part of the dynamic that make up a relationship, and a marriage.

We are two, then three, then 6.

We are busy, tired, committed, and over committed.

Sometimes moon energy flares, tempers flares and heat is exchanged. And sometimes you have to figure out the best way to deal with hurt feelings.

“I’m sorry” isn’t going to stop the hurt right away, but it’s the first smooth stone on the path towards Forgiveness.

I am sorry.

I hope you are too.

Today has to be better than yesterday because yesterday was abysmal. We can only go up from the bottom of the well, and at that just one rung at a time. But eventually our heads will clear the stone wall, and we’ll be out of the black hole and laughing and whole and wondering how we fell in, in the first place.

So for what it’s worth, I’m sorry.

I love you. (even if I’m an evil tempered bitch)

(but you knew that 35 years ago)


Stop Bustling

A reminder I have to tell myself 100 times each day.

Slow down.



There are tiny miracles all around.

Today is a cloudy, foggy, coolish day. The pellet stove is humming in the living room, and I’m in my polarfleece vest. Yet outside, the world is afire. Just outside my window is the most *amazing* assortment of yellows, oranges, and the occasional spicy red. The trees are burning in one last final blaze of glory, and I’m priveledged to be able to peer outside and feel that beauty seep deep into my pores.





My mantra for each day is as simple as this: find something beautiful, something amazing, something wonderful each day. Stop and see it, stop and take it in, Stop and enjoy that moment, however long it may be, and carry it with me for the rest of my day.

Sometimes, life is just as simple as this.


Catching Up

This summer was one of the busiest either of us remember–ever. The wife and kids were camping, once, twice, three times and more…and our family camping trip at the end of August heralded the end of summer and the start of homeschooling. A bittersweet year lies ahead as we have 3 kiddos together for the first…and last…time. First Grade, Fourth Grade, and Twelfth Grade. Yes, a Senior, who is already looking ahead to college. As I said, bittersweet.


While walking around the campground in Maine, on the cusp of September, the pooch and I spied this portent…and now Autumn has arrived. Crisp mornings after cold nights, brilliant blue skies, and that certain scent in the air. If you live in New England, you know that smell…the scent of leaves and loam, sunshine on the ground with a nip in the air.

Welcome, Autumn!

I Can Do Anything

…for a proscribed period of time.

Work for 13 days? Sure…but watch out on day 14. 🙂

Diet for a month? Nod, nod.

Exercise for 50 days? No problemo.


Yeah. But then you have to do the dangblasted thing.


And I have. We’re starting week two of exercise…and I must admit that strides have been made. Big strides. 50 crunches would have defeated me a month ago…now I can actually get my shoulders off the floor.

I read a blog called Simply Dish (on WordPress) and their foods are healthy and whole  – istic and for this meat n tater gal? a challenge. But…

today I remembered that I Can Do Anything…

so I went to the store and bought rice paper, and made my own salad roll with one.

It was good.


Salad in my hand, now in mah belly?

Hell ya.

I CAN do anything.