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MORE pictures? Why YES!

It’s been a great weekend for pictures! This morning a frost came up all of a sudden, just a little one that rimed the edges of fallen leaves and gilded the edge of sunrise.IMG_8080.JPGIMG_8085.JPGIMG_8085.JPGIMG_8083.JPGIMG_8081.JPG

Time for Sky

I’ve not posted here in ages…and I’ve had SO many new sky pictures thanks to the new phone. (HOW did we ever get along without those insidious buggers?!) I’m toooo lazy to look up when each picture was taken, but they were all local to central Massachusetts over the last several months.


See the tiny little sunbow there in the middle of the sky? It was so wicked awesome!


If I was a meteorologist, I could tell you the name of these clouds. I call them cotton puffs, and they were just starting to pink up at sunset…a really neat sky.


Just after the leaves fell, we had a rash of pink-washed sunsets. The clouds turned purple-gray and the sky simply glowed with the pearly light.IMG_7926.JPG

This was the November 2016 “Supermoon”, the moon passing at it’s closest perihelion to earth–won’t happen again for another 18 years.IMG_7920.JPG

A little bit of virga in the upper  foreground and stunning striated clouds below as I sat in traffic on my way to work. It’s not always bad to be forced to sit and be still. IMG_7902.JPG

Just a pretty evening…IMG_7893.JPG

Awesome sky (again, sitting in traffic) on 11/11/16. IMG_7577.JPG

One of the most gorgeous colored sunsets we’ve seen in a while.IMG_7813.JPG

My favorite Japanese Maple in full Autumn color and the intense blue sky behind makes for a really incredible fall vignette.IMG_7666.JPGAnother ‘capture’ of the amazing 11/11/16 sunset on my way home from Maine.IMG_7662.JPG

And then it was over, the sun sinking fast in the west, and the dark still glowed for a while afterwards.

Haiku 4/10/15

snow piles shrinking

red-lining temperatures soar

sand grows on sidewalks

Haiku (Whoops! 2)

for today:

The snow falls gently

 painting the colored pansies.

Purple turns to white.

and for yesterday:

Bitter north wind blows

mittens forgotten at home–

April, where is Spring?

Haiku #5

Dank raw day outside

mom and kids huddle in coats

tulips break the soil

Haiku #4

Sun peeking through clouds

delightfully wrong forecast.

Crocus yearn upwards.

Haiku 3

Brilliant colored egg

where, oh where, are you hiding?

Springtime rite commenced.

Haiku 2

windswept April sky

blue sky peek-a-boo’s through clouds

purple crocus smiles

Hmmm…Haiku 1

I’m going to try something different…something to keep me writing, at least, until I can get back in the mindset to be working on my dragon tail. Er..tale. 😀

I’ve decided, come hell or highwater, to write a haiku a day. At the very least, it’s diligence training, right?

I’ve already posted this on a friends facebook page a bit ago, so I’ll just use that one for today…

Spring Garden in the Sun

Garden rocks appear,

presagers of warming earth;

Tuesday it may snow.

Zipping to the End

What a year it has been…ups and downs, fun and sadness, changes, changes and more changes. Likely just like every year that has gone before but…for whatever reason, this one seems to have flown past. Wasn’t it just summer? Wasn’t I just building a new garden? Weren’t we tearing down the old deck and contemplating putting in a patio in its place?

Hardly a blip of time since I stopped working at a Saturday job that was all-consuming of my day, leaving me little or no family time, and crafting a new career that I love. I’ve added two more clients to my list since then, and am happy with the finances and the balance of work-to-family time.

And suddenly the trees were blazing full of colors, falling in whirling showers of beauty. And we raked. And raked. And then it snowed. And here we are at the end of a year full of living.

Suddenly the kids aren’t so “little” as I used to call them. Strong and independent and smart and wise. Funny and rude and generous, sweet and mostly out of the weepy-craving-all-attention stage. They’ll get back to that–teen years loom in the not far distant future, but that’ s not anything I need to fret about today!

As I write this, the wind is blowing strong from the south, and the snow that has come and gone several times since that first magical falling is threatening to melt away. Winter has only just begun, really, but the seed catalogs have begun to come in the mail, and I’ll dream about the gardens to come when the wheel turns again.