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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Haiku 4/10/15

snow piles shrinking

red-lining temperatures soar

sand grows on sidewalks

Haiku (Whoops! 2)

for today:

The snow falls gently

 painting the colored pansies.

Purple turns to white.

and for yesterday:

Bitter north wind blows

mittens forgotten at home–

April, where is Spring?

Haiku #5

Dank raw day outside

mom and kids huddle in coats

tulips break the soil

Haiku #4

Sun peeking through clouds

delightfully wrong forecast.

Crocus yearn upwards.

Haiku 3

Brilliant colored egg

where, oh where, are you hiding?

Springtime rite commenced.

Haiku 2

windswept April sky

blue sky peek-a-boo’s through clouds

purple crocus smiles

Hmmm…Haiku 1

I’m going to try something different…something to keep me writing, at least, until I can get back in the mindset to be working on my dragon tail. Er..tale. đŸ˜€

I’ve decided, come hell or highwater, to write a haiku a day. At the very least, it’s diligence training, right?

I’ve already posted this on a friends facebook page a bit ago, so I’ll just use that one for today…

Spring Garden in the Sun

Garden rocks appear,

presagers of warming earth;

Tuesday it may snow.