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Zipping to the End

What a year it has been…ups and downs, fun and sadness, changes, changes and more changes. Likely just like every year that has gone before but…for whatever reason, this one seems to have flown past. Wasn’t it just summer? Wasn’t I just building a new garden? Weren’t we tearing down the old deck and contemplating putting in a patio in its place?

Hardly a blip of time since I stopped working at a Saturday job that was all-consuming of my day, leaving me little or no family time, and crafting a new career that I love. I’ve added two more clients to my list since then, and am happy with the finances and the balance of work-to-family time.

And suddenly the trees were blazing full of colors, falling in whirling showers of beauty. And we raked. And raked. And then it snowed. And here we are at the end of a year full of living.

Suddenly the kids aren’t so “little” as I used to call them. Strong and independent and smart and wise. Funny and rude and generous, sweet and mostly out of the weepy-craving-all-attention stage. They’ll get back to that–teen years loom in the not far distant future, but that’ s not anything I need to fret about today!

As I write this, the wind is blowing strong from the south, and the snow that has come and gone several times since that first magical falling is threatening to melt away. Winter has only just begun, really, but the seed catalogs have begun to come in the mail, and I’ll dream about the gardens to come when the wheel turns again.

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