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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Catching Up

This summer was one of the busiest either of us remember–ever. The wife and kids were camping, once, twice, three times and more…and our family camping trip at the end of August heralded the end of summer and the start of homeschooling. A bittersweet year lies ahead as we have 3 kiddos together for the first…and last…time. First Grade, Fourth Grade, and Twelfth Grade. Yes, a Senior, who is already looking ahead to college. As I said, bittersweet.


While walking around the campground in Maine, on the cusp of September, the pooch and I spied this portent…and now Autumn has arrived. Crisp mornings after cold nights, brilliant blue skies, and that certain scent in the air. If you live in New England, you know that smell…the scent of leaves and loam, sunshine on the ground with a nip in the air.

Welcome, Autumn!