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Monthly Archives: April 2013

I Can Do Anything

…for a proscribed period of time.

Work for 13 days? Sure…but watch out on day 14. 🙂

Diet for a month? Nod, nod.

Exercise for 50 days? No problemo.


Yeah. But then you have to do the dangblasted thing.


And I have. We’re starting week two of exercise…and I must admit that strides have been made. Big strides. 50 crunches would have defeated me a month ago…now I can actually get my shoulders off the floor.

I read a blog called Simply Dish (on WordPress) and their foods are healthy and whole  – istic and for this meat n tater gal? a challenge. But…

today I remembered that I Can Do Anything…

so I went to the store and bought rice paper, and made my own salad roll with one.

It was good.


Salad in my hand, now in mah belly?

Hell ya.

I CAN do anything.