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Happy Spring!

Okay it’s not “real” spring, as in Vernal Equinox, but work with me here… meteorologically? Today is the first day of Spring. Why is that so important at this point in the winter?

uh…coz of this:IMG_4850

and then this:


and then this:



and of course, then there was this:



the two shoveling champions, Rob and Chet,

and their assistant:


Miss Stuck-in-snow- Lissa…Wait…here’s her close up:


Who said all kids love snow, anyway? Certainly not *this* little girl…!

Of course, the two big guys got  help from KC…kind of…sort of…


IMG_4856 IMG_4857


Who needed Ooma to come and pull him up and out.

To quote the little dude…”man, that stuff is deeper than I thought!!”


Yes, little man, you speak wisely.

Which is why I’m thrilled to be celebrating the first night of spring-that-isn’t-quite spring.

Tulip, anyone?



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