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Monthly Archives: March 2013


Happy Spring!

Okay it’s not “real” spring, as in Vernal Equinox, but work with me here…¬†meteorologically? Today is the first day of Spring. Why is that so important at this point in the winter?

uh…coz of this:IMG_4850

and then this:


and then this:



and of course, then there was this:



the two shoveling champions, Rob and Chet,

and their assistant:


Miss Stuck-in-snow- Lissa…Wait…here’s her close up:


Who said all kids love snow, anyway? Certainly not *this* little girl…!

Of course, the two big guys got ¬†help from KC…kind of…sort of…


IMG_4856 IMG_4857


Who needed Ooma to come and pull him up and out.

To quote the little dude…”man, that stuff is deeper than I thought!!”


Yes, little man, you speak wisely.

Which is why I’m thrilled to be celebrating the first night of spring-that-isn’t-quite spring.

Tulip, anyone?