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Monthly Archives: January 2013

The First…

You have your First Night…



These confetti strips are from little “cannons” that we twisted and went POP and shot confetti at the midnight hour (for Belgium!)

IMG_4693which has decorated the snow in our yard for a full week!

Then you have the First Snowman…if we made one last year, we didn’t capture it on film-it was a weird winter for snow, last winter was. But we were able to take care of that, thanks to warmer temps making the snow malleable for creating the perfect First Snowman of 2013!



who is, of course, a snow¬†boarding dude…



complete with funky hat and shades….!


And then you have the first, nice ‘n slippery, sled/snowboard run of the year. Again, last year was NOT optimal for sledding or ‘boarding, since we have giant slabs of rock heading down to the backyard that need a nice snow buffer to make it sled-safe.

This year?

Not a problem…








(“ROBBIE” he yells….”gimme a push so I can go WICKED fast!”)




and then, after a wild, fast ride down the hill….



the end…

(He rose, after this photo, and said “Whoa, Mom, that was SCARY good!)