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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Well, Finally!

It’s been forever since I posted here, hasn’t it? 🙂


Life was full and busy and crazy and chaotic…and just life, with kids. Lots of renovations to get done before the house got all gussied up for the holidays, three rooms done and plans for more to get underway in the spring…good thing we’re talking about it now because we have to balance the practical with the “longed-for”…in our old pre-Victorian-era house, a wall of green-hued glass tiles wouldn’t quite work to the asthetic of the house. But I still lust for it! And in the “formal” dining room, no less!

Something like this:

wall tilesor even better… this:

green glass 2


I really like this second one coz of the brown glass as much as the green pieces. We have old, icky paneling on two walls of the dining room, and wallpaper on the other two. One currently features our Christmas mural, but you can see a wee bit of the “French” style wallpaper at the top corner…more than 3o years old, too!e








Tomorrow the mural comes down as we segue into the new year…

2013 will bring a new deck to the back of the house…this year it was too old and tired for the simple maintenance I am able to do on it…this spring will see us ripping out the old, and enlarging it a bit. Maybe more than a bit…the littles are growing by leaps and bounds, after all.

Lissa grew THREE inches this year, and KC suddenly went from a size 1 shoe (September) to a size 2.5!!

And it’s snowed, too! We’ve been too spoiled here in the northeast, by weather that has featured much less of the white stuff…I put up most of the Christmas outside lights etc in a tee shirt, in the 60’s…but that’s turned full around on us. This was the scene last night:IMG_4619

The top pic is just the lights themselves…by the camera’s flash you can see how truly buried Rudolph is!


Looks like Rudi will be there for a while….(and I won’t be taking him out of there in a tee-shirt, unless it’s in April, LOL!)

Here’s wishing you and your’s a year ahead, full of all of life’s ups and downs, a year of fun, and joy, and love.

Happy New Year (almost!)