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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Going, Going, GONE!

I should feel bad about feeling glad, shouldn’t I?

My family is gone.

Up north in Maine, camping with Church friends. I’m alone–but for dog and cats. And reveling in it.

Let me say it again.





Today I made major strides in the front hall project. The cooler weather has made working in there much more manageable for me, and now the walls have been double-coated with mud, sanded, and before I went to work this afternoon, I got all the caulking done.


I don’t think I’ll paint tomorrow though.

Tomorrow I’ll just…revel.

In the silence.

In the peace.

In the clean house that stays clean.

And okay.

I’ll miss them a little.



Casa de eriksons…

for 4 days, the home for 2 adults, 2 kiddo’s and a dog….the older two boys are in a roomy tent in the site just beside ours…


And they spend time relaxing…(don’t mind the ‘feral’ shots…Chet’s so funny when we hold up a camera)


Then there is Rob…

KC is very proud of his new skimboard, for riding the waves at the edge of sand and surf…


And the wee princess, Elisabeth, “reading”



(note the “scarey” eyeball….!)


There is a lovely playground, pool and basketball courts for when we’re back at the campground…later I’ll post pics of one of the best days of our vacation at Portland Head Light.

For now I’ll leave you with the kids playing…





oh wait…he’s not playin’….(he spent a lot of time like this, though!)