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Returning to the fray…

It’s hump day.

Middle of the week day.

A cool day in the middle of a cool week.

And I’ve done butkiss on the front hall reno. I’ve been swamped with piecework, and feeling a bit blah…napping during the day to try to get over it…whatever “it” is.

But today.

I’m feeling like if I don’t make some headway…that I’ll never get back up on that ladder when it’s cool…instead I’ll be trying to can tomatoes AND scrape wallpaper when it’s August and humid and blecch.

And last night I dreamt of stripping wallpaper.

Even the freaking FATES are telling me to get off my fat ass and get to work!!

Hoping to catch the electrician across the street when he is home and remind him of my wiring work…coz all work will screeeeeetch to a halt until E comes over to do the wiring for the three new light fixtures.

And in the midst of all these “to do” things (why do BOTH piecework jobs come in at the same time? )  …my curtain rods came in yesterday, to finish the living room.

Never rains but it pours, eh?




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