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A Post about NOT Posting…

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The front hall is a work in progress.


Okay, and there isn’t much progress.


Last week, wife and kids  went off to camp in the White Mtns . And it was danged hot/humid here on Thursday when they left.


They left, and I jumped into wallpaper removal. You know, all those stuck-on bits that didn’t come off at all easily.

I tried. It wasn’t for lack of trying. I did get the biggest wall done. All those frigging stuck on shitbits that held on for dear freaking life…gone. And the tall side by the door…yup that’s done too. Now I have two over the door places (two different doors) the other Far Wall (but only a 15″ wide strip floor to ceiling) and over and under the Wall of Windows. It’s not much. It’s just that it is so fucking stuck on there.


I admit. I’m thinking about cheating. About putting the mud OVER the freaking stuck on like concrete wallpaper. It’s not the right way.


But it might just be my way.


just sayin’….


Note the big section still to do over the door on the right? That little half over the left door took more than an hour.  I told you it was stuck on tight. They sure knew how to paper tight, 45 years ago!!




On the other hand, after sweltering, and deciding to call it a day, I figured painting Lissa’s room wouldn’t be too bad…and it wasn’t…thank goodness there was one easy room in the house!! Here are the before pics, so I can forever immortalize the Winnie the Pooh pics I painted for the boys when this was Rob’s room, and almost KC’s room!

The paint has to cure for three weeks before we can attach the “Wallies” to it…a princess castle, and all the Disney princesses…the princess curtains are up and the room has become that of …a little princess.




PS the stupid gallery will not take out the front hall shots unless I totally put every single Pooh picture in, individually. You know I have no patience for that today, right?


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