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Living room, done.

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And then we HAD to start the front hall….it looked so so so bad after how nice the living room came out…


This will be the new wall color (paint, rather than paper…

Hard to show the color…it’s called Carmine Red…it had a tone of orange to it but not too much…Here’s a few more shots..

Same color, using the flash…

Who is that woman scraping wallpaper? OHHH…it’s LEE! *grin*….and of course the color looks ruby in this shot. Sigh. Well, it’s a complimentary color to the living room and the stair hall, which has a lot of pink and blue in it, but blue carpeting.

After the paper comes down, I need to “mud” the walls, then prime, then caulking, then paint the woodwork (there is a TON of woodwork) and then paint the walls. I’ll be done by Tuesday.



Tuesday, the 26th of July.

Hopefully it won’t be too humid next week and the mudding will dry quick enough that I can second coat it the same day. Still TONS of work to do, but of course, there are two more rooms waiting in the wings…the dining room wallpaper and repaint for August, and Elisabeth’s room (farewell, Pooh, hello princesses)…

And then I’ll be done…for a while. The joy of old houses…and the curse…is that you are never, really, done. 🙂


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