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Closer, closer….

Getting into a groove at work…it feels good to not have that “I’m so lost” feeling…I’m getting it. Understanding, working, contributing. Yay!

And tomorrow…I’ll start to get the house back…three weeks with everything higgly-piggly is enough! We’re all crazed about it now. By hook or by crook, the living room will be glazed tomorrow. By day’s end we can hopefully push the couch back, re-install the living room bookcase, and start to move things back where they belong. Once that happens, the house will slowly settle back into “normal”…


…. at least until the next project begins…

Much like that children’s book, ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’, where one thing follows the next like domino’s on a mad race to the end of the line… room flows into the other, stops, points its finger, and starts guffawing.


It makes the adjoining rooms feel bad.


That’s not good, at all! So…….living room this week, then a break, then…the front hall on the one side, and the kitchen on the other.


I tell ya…the fun never stops around here…


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