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A Work in Progress


I’m a big believer in not wasting any time…so while the rice was finishing in the micro, and the vegetarian chicken nuggets were cooking in the oven, and the carrots were steaming on the stove… I took that 15 minutes and painted the first window. Okay, only the frame; 15 minutes is not enough time to paint those little wooden separators on each pane.

Right after dinner, the wife takes the kiddo’s to the park on their bikes…and I dive back into my paint bucket.

After about 90 minutes, I had the bay window area completely done…three windows, the baseboard, and the upper moulding.

Progress on the forward road…this is by far the ‘worst’ part to paint. Two more pickyune windows to do, and then the trim work gets much easier. YAY! Why is it that I love the yellow walls now that the trim is bright white?  No matter…by weeks end they will no longer be yellow…stay tuned!


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