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Transformations Part Two.

The caulking is done.

OMG. It’s taken me all. Damned. Day. Seriously…no wonder painters make so much money. Coz they really don’t…


I want to PAINT! But not until the caulking is set.


The sun came out (at last) at 3 pm. Yeah. And the temp is still below 7o. Good painting weather. Want to get the trim done before midweek…it’s gonna be hot…and the paint will dry too fast and bubble. Or somesuch.


My brother (a professional painter) told me I had to caulk. Dammit. Hate it when the baby bro is right!!! But he was. It makes SUCH a difference.

No pix today (not much to see.)


Tomorrow the ecru wood trim will be turning white. Tomorrow, tomorrow (hey, I even have red hair like Annie…but not the annoying soprano voice…!)

And Wednesday? The walls! Wooooo.


*the goal is to have the entire room done by Friday and put it all back together on Sunday*


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