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Last week we finally picked a color for the living room. For about 15 years it’s been two-tones of yellow…the top, a deep cream, the bottom, gold with the cream sponged over it.

I was working on the transformation from wallpaper to paint as my mother died.  The room was unfinished when she crossed over, and I remember slogging through it just to finish. Family came here after the interment ceremony at the cemetery and I was too drained to even care that the walls were in the midst of being replastered.

I don’t remember even finishing it, yet it’s been done for over a decade.

But we started talking about an update a month ago. Had trouble deciding to go blue or green tones. Had paint chips up all over the room.

And last week, walked into Lowes and found it.  The color. Our color. A soft green with a faint blue tone…think palest of peacock?  The color name is “Stony Brook” …which seems perfect since we have our very own stony brook as the west border of the property.  But its the overglaze that gives the color the final *pizzaz*. It’s called Azure Mist…and since Blue is my favorite color, what it does to the green is give it a soft kiss of sheen. It’s a new technique for me, and I’m looking forward to it.

If all the prep work doesn’t kill me first!

Furniture moving. Stuff moving. Toy moving. Artwork and photo removal. Nails out. Spackling.

The true work in painting is all the stuff one needs to properly attend to, well before you ever lift a paintbrush.

Today is prep the walls day, part two. And perhaps I’ll get the chance to start painting the woodwork tomorrow. I’ll be posting pix as I move forward.

Here are some of the before…before anything well begun.


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  1. instant mommy

    It’s quite an undertaking — but it’s going to be really lovely

    PS — your home looks just as I thought it would — totally welcoming.


    • ohh…thank you! It’s big. And …yeah, I think it welcomes people. NOT right now.. turmoil EVERYFUCKINGWHERE!! but thank you. You and BOJ will have to come up sometime…open invite! (and we know kids!)


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