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Today sucks.

NO one wants to listen to Mom. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And I do listen. But for fucks sake!! Enough! Not one, but all 4 of them all throughout the day?

Fuck it.

Simply fuck it.

I’ve worked hard today. My house is a freaking disaster area. I don’t mind the mess too much (okay–that’s a lie) because by weeks end I’ll have part of the paint job done. For certain the woodwork will be first-coated tomorrow.

And their places will be more back to normal. I understand that is part of their persnickety-ness.

But sometimes it is simply boorish and rude.

And I’m really, really tired of it today.

That is all.


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  1. instant mommy

    😦 I’m sorry it was a crap day

    I have one word for that



    • Going up to my room and blogging out my pissy mood helped a ton, followed up by some Chef Ramsey (man that guy is such an asshole! I luff him!)….
      and thank you!


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