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If it ever stops raining….

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….I won’t need to build an ark!

I have soooooo many outside things to be working on. The last 2 yards of mulch that needs to be spread (before it all wends its way slowly down the driveway in the rain). Weeding the front perennial bed. Staking the last few tomatoes up at Sholan (Yes! We did get our Community Garden plot planted this past week!). Planting the Indian corn. Of course, that does mean I need to actually purchase the seeds for said corn… 🙂

There is the deck railing that I need to replace, the gutters that need cleaning out (I’m going to try those things that hook onto your hose and see if I can “blow them out” before the roof guy sees it and faints!).  Because of the mild winter, the deck planking boards all seem to be sound (YAY!) and I don’t  think I’ll need to take out ANY this year…that’s a first!

I suppose I can prime the Princess’s room…she really, really wants Pooh to go, and the Princess theme to begin. I wish I could remember where I borrowed the projector from to trace the outlines onto the wall for me to paint. (oh, typo’d “pain” there…Freudian slip?!).

Then there’s the living room repainting project, 45 windows to wash, and all the day-to-day stuff…as well as the continuing adventures of the Job Search.

With all this circling in my head, is it any wonder I’m still awake and blogging at 12:16 a.m. on a Sunday? Egads.

I need Yoga. And chocolate. And sunshine. Please, goddess? If it isn’t asking too much? There’s just too much to do!                         (sunshine on the Hosta garden Thursday)




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  1. instant mommy

    ooh — but it’s so lovely!
    you’re lucky to have the rain to give you the green

    (princess huh….can you dress her in cammo?)


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