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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Closer, closer….

Getting into a groove at work…it feels good to not have that “I’m so lost” feeling…I’m getting it. Understanding, working, contributing. Yay!

And tomorrow…I’ll start to get the house back…three weeks with everything higgly-piggly is enough! We’re all crazed about it now. By hook or by crook, the living room will be glazed tomorrow. By day’s end we can hopefully push the couch back, re-install the living room bookcase, and start to move things back where they belong. Once that happens, the house will slowly settle back into “normal”…


…. at least until the next project begins…

Much like that children’s book, ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’, where one thing follows the next like domino’s on a mad race to the end of the line… room flows into the other, stops, points its finger, and starts guffawing.


It makes the adjoining rooms feel bad.


That’s not good, at all! So…….living room this week, then a break, then…the front hall on the one side, and the kitchen on the other.


I tell ya…the fun never stops around here…


Wall Painting DONE!

Started at 8:08 a.m. Finished 5:18. Took 25 minutes to blow up the pool for the kiddos, another 15 to soothe an 8 year old having a tantrum, and 30 minutes to  put together pasta salad for dinner.


Before and after pics…

trim is nice and white!

looking towards the backyard/back porch …just the trim is done, above….and now…

bay window area/nook that looks on the back porch and yard

The color is AMAZING…I’m calling it magical, since it either looks blue or green depending on the lighting.

One more before/after pic:

Picture window, bright white trim

and after:

no flash used in this shot…

flash used


one last shot…

KC, neighbor B, and Lissa enjoying the first day of summer with their blow up pool!


Tomorrow…the overglaze goes on the wall… (yes, it’s the third time around the room with paints…)


A Work in Progress


I’m a big believer in not wasting any time…so while the rice was finishing in the micro, and the vegetarian chicken nuggets were cooking in the oven, and the carrots were steaming on the stove… I took that 15 minutes and painted the first window. Okay, only the frame; 15 minutes is not enough time to paint those little wooden separators on each pane.

Right after dinner, the wife takes the kiddo’s to the park on their bikes…and I dive back into my paint bucket.

After about 90 minutes, I had the bay window area completely done…three windows, the baseboard, and the upper moulding.

Progress on the forward road…this is by far the ‘worst’ part to paint. Two more pickyune windows to do, and then the trim work gets much easier. YAY! Why is it that I love the yellow walls now that the trim is bright white?  No matter…by weeks end they will no longer be yellow…stay tuned!

Transformations Part Two.

The caulking is done.

OMG. It’s taken me all. Damned. Day. Seriously…no wonder painters make so much money. Coz they really don’t…


I want to PAINT! But not until the caulking is set.


The sun came out (at last) at 3 pm. Yeah. And the temp is still below 7o. Good painting weather. Want to get the trim done before midweek…it’s gonna be hot…and the paint will dry too fast and bubble. Or somesuch.


My brother (a professional painter) told me I had to caulk. Dammit. Hate it when the baby bro is right!!! But he was. It makes SUCH a difference.

No pix today (not much to see.)


Tomorrow the ecru wood trim will be turning white. Tomorrow, tomorrow (hey, I even have red hair like Annie…but not the annoying soprano voice…!)

And Wednesday? The walls! Wooooo.


*the goal is to have the entire room done by Friday and put it all back together on Sunday*


Last week we finally picked a color for the living room. For about 15 years it’s been two-tones of yellow…the top, a deep cream, the bottom, gold with the cream sponged over it.

I was working on the transformation from wallpaper to paint as my mother died.  The room was unfinished when she crossed over, and I remember slogging through it just to finish. Family came here after the interment ceremony at the cemetery and I was too drained to even care that the walls were in the midst of being replastered.

I don’t remember even finishing it, yet it’s been done for over a decade.

But we started talking about an update a month ago. Had trouble deciding to go blue or green tones. Had paint chips up all over the room.

And last week, walked into Lowes and found it.  The color. Our color. A soft green with a faint blue tone…think palest of peacock?  The color name is “Stony Brook” …which seems perfect since we have our very own stony brook as the west border of the property.  But its the overglaze that gives the color the final *pizzaz*. It’s called Azure Mist…and since Blue is my favorite color, what it does to the green is give it a soft kiss of sheen. It’s a new technique for me, and I’m looking forward to it.

If all the prep work doesn’t kill me first!

Furniture moving. Stuff moving. Toy moving. Artwork and photo removal. Nails out. Spackling.

The true work in painting is all the stuff one needs to properly attend to, well before you ever lift a paintbrush.

Today is prep the walls day, part two. And perhaps I’ll get the chance to start painting the woodwork tomorrow. I’ll be posting pix as I move forward.

Here are some of the before…before anything well begun.


Today sucks.

NO one wants to listen to Mom. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And I do listen. But for fucks sake!! Enough! Not one, but all 4 of them all throughout the day?

Fuck it.

Simply fuck it.

I’ve worked hard today. My house is a freaking disaster area. I don’t mind the mess too much (okay–that’s a lie) because by weeks end I’ll have part of the paint job done. For certain the woodwork will be first-coated tomorrow.

And their places will be more back to normal. I understand that is part of their persnickety-ness.

But sometimes it is simply boorish and rude.

And I’m really, really tired of it today.

That is all.

Robbie and the Great 16.

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Hard to believe that he’s 16. (don’t all parents say that?) The party was music themed (note the mural on the wall behind Robbie, with each of us appearing as musical notes!)

And the music book cake designed and executed by yours truly (okay, it’s only a tiny wee brag!)…

and lots of giggles (the big hit of the party? Whoopie cushions…surely there is a place in heaven for parents who share the humor of farts during a birthday party?!!)