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My youngest lad is fey.

He is funny, artsy. And while he isn’t “frail” he’s often not the bravest of lads. His sister, 2.5 years his junior will bravely charge forth while he will cringe back a bit, watching carefully.

He knows his limits.

Every Disney movie gives him nightmares. He’s never made it through Bambi, Peter Pan, or Beauty and the Beast. Alvin and the Chipmunks gave him nightmares for several days.

I think the world is a big place for him.

Yet…he sees the tiny details that his always-in-a-rush sister misses. When he draws, he remembers to put lace on the edge of the sleeves of the dress he draws on his “Princess Sister” portrait. He puts color on her fingernails, and ribbons in her hair.

We were worried about the Disney experience for him. He doesn’t like fast rides, or rapid twists n turns.

The Junior roller coaster wasn’t riding after a brief thunderstorm…phew! He LOVED “It’s a Small World”…his oooh’s and aaaaah’s and amazement made me watch him as much as the scenes.

We finished Disney, day 1 in a good place. Tired, having seen everything on our “to do” list, we came home and hung out in the pool.

We gave ourselves a day between the two Disney adventures, but on day three, off to Animal Kingdom we headed. Saw lots of animals as we did the jungle trek first thing. It grew hotter and we suggested to the kids to do Kali River Rapids.

He balked.

A ride that he’d been looking forward to for months suddenly took on immense proportions to him. While at Disney we’d seen the other kids and Lee do a water ride that had a long sweeping drop into a pool of water. I suspect he thought this ride would mirror that one.

Despite cajoling, talking, near begging, he flatly refused to go. Lee and the other kids went off to do it. While they were gone, we talked. The ride was not visible from our location…from any location, so it was “blind”…and that scared him. He likes to know what he’s getting into.

But I really, really wanted to do this ride. I’d missed out on a few rides at Disney as I was with one or the other of the kids, and I didn’t want to miss this one. When Lee returned, I decided to. And my daughter said she would do it with me as it was such fun.

We had to wait longer. Lee and the kids got right on, no lines, but by the time they got back the wait was up to 20 minutes.

We got our ride, little miss and I. It was bumpy, and very wet, and not a “thriller” ride in the sense of a roller coaster…but it was very very fun! ¬†When we returned to the starting spot, Lee and KC were gone.

He’d decided, after hearing that the ride wasn’t too scary, to give it a whirl…and when he returned, holding her hand, there was a triumphant glow surrounding him, a wide smile on his face…and a great deal of pride that he’d overcome his fear and had a great time after all. I know how hard it is for him to do a turn-around. I know how fearful he can be. I know how difficult it was for him to face that fear and just do it.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been prouder.


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My kiddo’s love to have music everywhere. Their Uncle gave them a (virtually soundless, thank you Brian!) electronic drum set for Christmas last year. Since then, a wide variety of yard things have been set up as impromptu drums.

Yet, until Friday, none had the total completeness of this latest version of “improv”…

And yes, that is the lid of a turkey roaster as one set of cymbals. (the bottom of it is supposed to be a mini herb garden, as soon as I can knock holes in the bottom for drainage!)

Aren’t kids are amazing in their creativity?!

Foggy Verdant Yard

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