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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Crayons Brighten the World…

I had to buy new crayons for work. There’s been tons of re-organizing, cleaning, etc. During the process, I discovered the very sorry state of the crayon box. What kid ~what adult, for that matter ~ wants to stick their hands into a dirty, dingy box of muddled, broken, peeled crayons?

Now, obviously, that is the end-of-life status for a crayon. Have you ever worn a crayon down to nothing? I have, during a class I took with author Tomi De Paola, and let me tell you…it isn’t easy to do.

Today I bought new crayons for the kids where I  work. I brought them in, those cheerful, yellow boxes of 48’s…..and opened them. Closed them. Opened them again.

48 pristine, never been used crayons sitting there smiling at me….a little rainbow for my eyes. Hints and promises of what could be, as soon as you pick one little color and let go!

The smell of them brought me back.

There I was, fretting about “presentation” (should I dump them into the box loose? Or keep them in the little white sleeves?)….and instantly I was transported back to second grade. I got a small notepad, two number 2 pencils, and an 8-pack of crayons to put into a nifty box to start school with. I remember opening my little “school kit” and looking at that box of crayons. I’d been told by Mom to not open them, and there they sat, a promise.

Today I was thinking about the promise of a box of un-opened crayons. 48 non-toxic colors, from sea-green to raspberry, and a rainbow in-between.  Sitting there unused, untouched, these are pristine crayons, with worlds of promises…and worlds of magic to discover.

I wonder, if every Congressman, every Representative, every President and Cabinet member got a fresh new box of crayons, and had mandatory “coloring” time…don’t you think the world would be a brighter, more colorful, more hopeful place?

I’d love to give that a try.