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Valentine Hearts

I started reading this neat blog, Warm Hot Chocolate, found here. That link will take you to the original post where I found a SUPER neat Valentine craft activity.

I’m always on the lookout for an inexpensive craft idea that will span ages, since Elisabeth, at 5 is very facile with her fine motor skills but lacks patience, while her two older brothers,  7 and 15, have much more patience.

Did you read that post yet?

You’ll note that J used scrapbook-type papers to make her hearts. Alas and alack…I had none. I do, however, have reams of white paper, a generous supply of creativity in those 3 kids, and lots ‘n lots of markers, crayons, and colored pencils.

We sorted out all the tones of pink, red, purple we could find, and then went at it…everyone got a sheet of paper, and doodled, colored, and designed away. No sooner did they finish one page then they wanted another. And another.

There were detailed drawings from the eldest, simple colors from the youngest, swirls, lines, you name it. By the time we were done, we had a lovely stack of all kinds of designs and drawings ready to start step two of our project. That ended day one.

Day two of our project came a few days later. I cut out oodles of hearts, all the same size, from all the papers, and shuffled them up. Then each kiddo selected one as I held them up. Amazingly enough, there was NO wrangling about “she /he took the one I wanted” …not at all.

Then we proceeded with J’s directions, gluing one side of each heart to each other, inserting the yarn strand, and then the third heart connecting the other two. Trust me, J does a great job explaining this, step by step!

Here is our finished product, each kiddo did their own string, with three sets of hearts on each one. And a very proud KC showing off our neat new “Chandelier Decorations”!

this is a close-up of two of the sides of the heart.

and another close up. Definitely a Valentine “Win”…and all done for FREE! That made *my* heart go pitter-patter…!


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  1. These are awesome! And it looks like your kids had a blast making them! Hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!
    – Julee


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