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Say WHAT???

If you live in the northeast, you know that finding decent quality veggies (other than the “standard” root veggies) can be a daunting task. The other day I was craving lettuce.

Like…really really really craving it.

I headed to the local market, and got as far as laying my hand on a head of iceberg lettuce. And then I looked up at the price.

I blinked, scanned down the row of veggies.

Perhaps an ‘exotic’ fruit had been misplaced here?

I looked again and felt the same pitch n roll of my tummy. There was no mistaking it. That single head of lettuce was marked at $3.99.


Say WHAT?????!!!!

No way, absolutely NO way was I going to do that. And of course, living in the northeast as I do, I am well aware that a head of iceberg lettuce in January is indeed considered “exotic”….

Until yesterday, it’s been warm here. Really, really warm. Soft soil warm. And that sparked an idea. I’ve already decided to start my tomato’s a full 6 weeks earlier than last year, on Imbolc (when the moon will be waxing, too!). That’s Groundhog Day for you non-pagans!

I decided to head up to the attic, retrieve one of my gro-lights and trays, and get some good soil from my planter bucket. It only took me 30 minutes total,  and soon I was back upstairs in my bedroom, rigging a hanging set-up for the light. As soon as the light was hung, I dug into my seed box from this past year.

Sure enough, I had leftover redleaf, and butter head lettuces. And joy of joys…leftover spinach, too!

It shouldn’t take long for my greens to grow…we’re just talking about a midwinter salad for a few days…and a baby mescalun mix will suit us fine. They will be done growing by the time I’m ready to start my tomatoes…

and as of today…I have sprouts!



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