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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Wednesday Morning Rainbow!

For a change of pace, Mother Nature decided it was time to give us a western rainbow…something I’ve never seen in the 33 years I’ve lived here in Central Mass…

The rising sun slanted beams into a wee misty rain into the dark and foreboding clouds that were piling to the west. It was a balmy 46 when I took these pictures at 8 a.m. …on December 28th!


The clouds began to skud away to the north, and the rainbow began to fade…yet the 6 of us continued to stare in wonder…until a strong gust almost knocked Elisabeth off her feet!


To be a squirrel, you need to face a few challenges…

it’s a l-o-o-ong



There are little gems of beauty when your world is focused on the tiny side of things…

like this little bit of moss growing in ¬†crack in the driveway…

Sometimes I imagine myself as small as a chipmunk, as nimble as that squirrel.

Yet, I am rewarded too for being just myself…by little surprises, like

the frost on an azalea bush the other morning. Cold, shocking after the warmth of November…but the glittering beauty drew me outside nonetheless.

There was this….

a tired old maple leaf, “glued” to the deck railing, itself a quiet whisper of beauty, every grain-line illuminated with frost crystals,

and finally, this…

the last whisper from the Japanese Maple.