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Hidden Gifts

I suppose many of us have gifts that we don’t often share with the great big world. It reminds me of the song “This Little Light of Mine”…and the verse of “hide it under a bushel…..NO..!”

Friday night my middle son lifted the bushel and let his light shine.

In a public venue, no less.

Our church ran a coffee-house, more specifically, run by the teens in the Youth Group, as a fund-raiser for their projects (including a trek to NYC in the Spring!).

Not only did wee elf KC sign up (and follow through!), performing a song on his recorder, but big brother Robbie decided to show his piano skills.

He’s only been taking classes for just over a year. 

You’d expect perhaps, a slightly hesitant, awkward performance. Or a small piece, something to highlight his journey these last 14 months.

Instead, he blew us all away, with a piece HE wrote, and has been working on with his teacher.

It was dramatic.

It was FAST!

It was beautiful….and it was extremely well-played.

I’m not just a bragging momma here…so many people have spoken to wife and I since then, saying “they never knew…”

He knocked the bushel off his light, bigtime, and shone.

I couldn’t be prouder.


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