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Monthly Archives: November 2011


  • Trying… not be vexed by the amount of traffic outside my front window.
  • Trying to understand how it helps, even a tiny bit, when drivers, faced with  a 15-car wait to get to the corner as they deal with being re-routed, decide that honking madly at the first car will make them turn any faster, when there is oncoming traffic.
  • Trying to not pass my tension onto the kiddo’s
  • Trying to finish my morning work so I can go into another room and not be annoyed!

Hidden Gifts

I suppose many of us have gifts that we don’t often share with the great big world. It reminds me of the song “This Little Light of Mine”…and the verse of “hide it under a bushel…..NO..!”

Friday night my middle son lifted the bushel and let his light shine.

In a public venue, no less.

Our church ran a coffee-house, more specifically, run by the teens in the Youth Group, as a fund-raiser for their projects (including a trek to NYC in the Spring!).

Not only did wee elf KC sign up (and follow through!), performing a song on his recorder, but big brother Robbie decided to show his piano skills.

He’s only been taking classes for just over a year. 

You’d expect perhaps, a slightly hesitant, awkward performance. Or a small piece, something to highlight his journey these last 14 months.

Instead, he blew us all away, with a piece HE wrote, and has been working on with his teacher.

It was dramatic.

It was FAST!

It was beautiful….and it was extremely well-played.

I’m not just a bragging momma here…so many people have spoken to wife and I since then, saying “they never knew…”

He knocked the bushel off his light, bigtime, and shone.

I couldn’t be prouder.

It’s Great When it All Works Out….

It’s been a chaotic three months here at home, at least with pets…

It started simply enough.

She showed up on the back porch, small and waif-like. We already have a cat, and cat allergies, as well as a dog, and at the time, a fish.

And yet, she wove her black-cat magic around us and we relented to Rob’s pleas to let her join our family.

We didn’t want to just let her in without a check up, after all, there were children and other pets to consider, and she’d been prowling the neighborhood for close to a month, despite not being more than 6 months old at the most.

A trip to the veterinarians was in order.

And we got the surprise of a lifetime during that visit. Yes, we had a healthy new kitten to welcome into our family…and she came with a bonus pack!

Yes, our newest family member was pregnant with 3 babes in tow.

Hard to tell about “free-range kitties”…when they got preggers, but the vet felt that perhaps in 3-4 weeks she’d deliver.  Five weeks to the day, she began delivering, not three, but four sweet little kits.

They were so tiny…

yet they grew quickly. We’d had to keep Valkyrie in Rob’s room and she was not at all integrated with Maui, our four-year old cat. To say he was unhappy to have a new kitty in the house was an understatement; several serious spats erupted when she got loose in the house.

 They were so soft and fuzzy at first, though two of the males soon became as sleek as Momma.

First Sidd left to join his new family. Then Kitt was adopted.

China, the only female, and Buddy, the 3rd brother, were the only two kittens left unclaimed when it came time for them to go to their own forever families.

And we all bonded to them.

And we all sneezed.

And we all love them dearly…yet they still needed to find a home.

It came to be past  time for them to be here, yet it was so hard to think of sending them somewhere. . .it was obvious that they were going to have to go to a shelter.  There are very few Zero-Kill shelters, and it was killing me to think of these wonderful, lively, vivacious lives being taken before their time, which would happen if they didn’t get picked in the shelter.

And then the Godparents interceded.

G and W have been my kids GP’s for their whole lives, and they adopted Kitt. And they have a friend…who wanted a kitten. And decided to take both!

Needless to say I am filled with gratitude for friends like G and W who worked hard with their contacts to help us find homes before we had to send them to a shelter.

They will be loved.

They will grow up together, he and she, those sweet fuzzy faced babies that I love. Not here, that’s true. But the full nature of love is letting it go, so it can bounce off the walls of the Universe and return.

Farewell my two sweet babes. Thanks for being part of my life these last few months. I held you when you were first born, and I will kiss you away to your new lives.

Blessed be, sweet loves.

The Big Storm in Pix

A week ago today the Northeast was facing the portent of a Big. Snow.

The weather folks got this one right. We went from this:to this:

   in 24 hours.

There were branches on the van,

which thankfully didn’t do any damage to the vehicle at all, phew!

There were branches across the neighbors drive way next door…  and everywhere, the sights and smells of bowed trees, broken limbs.

Almost all the trees still had leaves on them, which was bad enough. But add 15 inches of heavy, wet snow, and it was devastating.

I’ll leave you with one last image, one that mirrors how this post all started….

Well, almost!